Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your hammocks, hammock chairs and baby swings made from?

100% soft cotton, plantation wood and cast alloy ring.

Can we leave our hammock outside in the weather?

Yes, the spreader bar allows the hammock to dry quickly if it get wets. However, we recommend you bring it in during prolonged rainy periods. Make sure your hammock is totally dry before putting into storage. Treat your hammock like you would treat a cotton t-shirt and you will get years of life out of it.

Will a colourful hammock fade in the sun?

Yes. We suggest a natural colour hammock if you are worried about this. It will only fade to a lighter colour of white. A useful trick for a colourful hammock in a full sun area is to fade the topside and keep the underside unfaded and just turn it over for when you want your hammock looking its best. Turn it back to the faded side for everyday use.

Are you products Fair Trade?

Absolutely! The Toucan Shop embraces the philosophy of Fair Trade.

We buy products directly from artisans throughout Central America. We have chosen handicrafts that reinforce the rich cultural traditions of these countries. For example, we source embroidery from Mexico, textiles from Guatemala, hammocks from Nicaragua and woodwork from Costa Rica, as that is what these countries have specialized in making for centuries.

A fair price is paid to ensure that living standards of the artisans and their families are improved. Often these small artisans have never heard of fair trade and so we try to explain that they must ask a price that covers both their costs and their time.

We also source products that are environmentally sustainable such as using wood from fallen trees and/or plantations.