The Toucan Shop was founded in 2004 by Marvin and Anne whilst they were living in Costa Rica.

Marvin is Costa Rican born and bred. He is an agronomist and very proud of his Latin roots. His grandfather was an artisan and he has early memories of his wood-carving pieces which supported his family.

Anne is Australia born and bred. She is a scientist, who has a passion for nature, art and all things handmade.

Whilst living in Costa Rica, Marvin, Anne and their children, friends and family made many trips around Costa Rica and throughout the neighbouring countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala looking for handmade treasures.

They built a network of suppliers throughout Central America. They made many amicable relationships with the artisans with whom they communicate and collaborate with regularly. They always pay the price asked by the artisans without haggling. This allows artisans to pay for materials and labour as well as improving their quality of life.

The Toucan Shop is fully committed to fair trade principles.


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